Embedded Software Development


After a fine analysis of customer's needs the requirements specifications are built, followed by software design, implementation, integration and validation. This process is iteratively repeated until software fully matches customer's needs.

In order to ensure premium quality, flexibility and scalability, all Operating Systems are built featuring real time and multitasking capabilities. Best practices are used during the entire development cycle: incremental strategy, reusable components, data encapsulation, modularity, as well as monitoring and redundancies for critical systems in accordance with DO-178B "Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification").

Software maintainability is provided by easy-to-read, strongly structured and well commented code, as well as delivery of full technical documentation in English or French.

Related desktop applications, including configuration interface or data processing, can be developed using the same high quality standards.

Green design: compact and efficient design significantly reduces memory and clock frequency requirements. This in turn reduces product cost by allowing cheaper components and smaller power sources for identical performances and functionalities. Additionally this is an Earth-friendly approach.



"Software quality, scalability and maintainability"




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